April 22, 2024
Contact: Kellie Jelencovich,

Vanessa Bayer to Star in Dairy Diaries, available now on Roku

Watch “Dairy Diaries” for a Laugh Out Loud Look at Life on a Fourth-Generation Dairy Farm


Washington, D.C., April 22 2024 – Get ready for a fish-out-of-water journey into the world of dairy farming with Emmy-nominated sketch comedian and actress Vanessa Bayer. Brought to you by U.S. dairy farmers, processors, and importers, “Dairy Diaries” premieres on April 22nd exclusively on the Roku Channel in the U.S. and takes viewers behind the scenes at Beck Farms, a fourth-generation dairy farm in upstate New York.


Dairy Diaries follows Bayer as she is thrust into the unfamiliar world of dairy farming at Beck Farms. Through Bayer’s experiences, viewers get an up-close look at the realities of modern dairy farming and the innovative sustainability and animal care practices shaping the industry’s future. From the journey of milk from farm to fridge to the role of dairy in fostering a healthier, more sustainable world, Dairy Diaries delivers laughs and an enlightening exploration of today’s modern dairy farm.

“As someone who consumes more dairy, and specifically cheese, than I’d like to admit, I wanted to learn about how milk gets from the farm to the store,”  shares Vanessa Bayer. “I was particularly interested to hear how the industry is working to become more sustainable because obviously, we all gotta get moo-ving in that department! While I didn’t get as much free ice cream as I had hoped, I learned a lot, and I think the audience will as well.”

U.S. dairy is committed to leading innovations in new products, technologies, and on-farm practices that will contribute to healthier people, planet, and animals. Farms like Beck Farms have implemented closed-loop circular processes, using their cows’ manure to grow their feed on-farm, which reduces carbon emissions and helps ensure a legacy of sustainability for future generations. Thanks to increasingly modern and innovative dairy farming practices, the environmental impact of producing a gallon of milk has shrunk significantly, requiring 30% less water, 21% less land, and a 19% smaller carbon footprint than it did in 2007.

“We loved sharing our farm with Vanessa and are excited to share it with the world,” says Tyler Beck, Owner of Beck Farms. “We hope Dairy Diaries shows the great pride we take in our responsibility to nourish families with delicious dairy foods. So while it may seem odd to some, we wouldn’t give up the 3:30 a.m. wake-ups for anything.”

Throughout Dairy Diaries, viewers will also have an opportunity to meet other experts who contribute to life on the dairy farm, including Dr. Joe McFadden, Associate Professor of Dairy Cattle Biology at Cornell University, and Dr. Laura Brown, Veterinarian. Dr. McFadden explains the innovative research he is shepherding to optimize feed, like including seaweed in cows’ diets, which may help reduce their methane emissions by up to 90%, and Dr. Brown details the many ways she helps keep cows and calves healthy with weekly visits to Beck Farms. 

Dairy Diaries is brought to you by U.S. dairy farmers, processors, and importers, and will be available to stream for free starting April 22, 2024 on a Roku device, the Roku mobile app,, plus Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV and Google TV. For more information on the U.S. dairy community’s programs and innovations, visit