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Simple, yet powerful. Dairy milk is packed with protein and 13 essential nutrients. It has the power to support growing bodies, help athletes recover, and even hydrates better than water. It’s one of the world’s most remarkable superfoods. For this natural wonder, MilkPEP will always champion the raising of a glass.

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Whether it’s a custom co-op marathon or promo items for you to activate locally, we have opportunities for your brand.

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Learn how to get started with MilkPEP’s 2023 SaaS-powered influencer program with this walkthrough guide.

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 Work with us to get your brand noticed on one of the largest eCommerce retailers for milk sales with a custom Instacart campaign.

Milk facts

Protein-packed. Nutrient-rich. Flavor-full. When it comes to fueling the body, no one stands taller than milk

Milk hydrates you better than water by effectively replenishing electrolytes—in part due to its natural protein and other essential nutrients.


As farm to table as it gets: a glass of white dairy milk has just 3 ingredients: milk, vitamin A and vitamin D.


Drinking milk and chocolate milk is a naturally nutrient-rich way to fuel performance and recovery.

Milk is a complete protein

Milk is a complete protein meaning it provides all of the amino acids your body needs and can’t make on its own.

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MilkPEP Webinar: Consumer Demand Landscape, A Road Map for the Milk Industry

Webinar • December 14, 2023

Join MilkPEP and DMI for a joint webinar presenting new research aimed at identifying white space opportunities for milk/dairy to drive relevance, expand usage, and increase sales.

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You’re Gonna Need Milk  For That

You’re Gonna Need Milk For That

Milk is a superfood. See the latest recipes, facts, athlete testimonials and how milk stacks up to other performance beverages. Spoiler alert: we crush it.