November 13, 2023
Contact: Erin Lyden,

Have You Or A Loved One Experienced Milk Shaming? Milk Creates Support Hotline 1-888-Ok2-Milk

Milk Launches Hotline in Support of Milk Drinkers Facing Milk Shaming



New York, NY (November 13, 2023) – 92% of American households consume dairy milk, yet we have seen a growing phenomenon happening across social media, coffee shops, schools and in between – milk shaming. The act of making real milk drinkers feel embarrassed, shameful, and disgraced simply for their love of an ice-cold glass of dairy milk, milk shaming describes this ridiculous reaction to enjoying the beloved drink – milk. If you or a loved one has experienced milk shaming, Milk wants you to know that you are not crazy – and you are not alone. There are resources available to you.

Introducing OK2Milk – a comedic form of a public service announcement and spoof support organization for milk drinkers of all ages facing backlash for their love of milk, designed to highlight how ridiculous the reactions to drinking beloved classic dairy milk have become. Whether you’ve been ghosted on a date for your dairy decision or canceled in the comments for your cow loving content, is a resource hub where those experiencing milk shaming can find support (and entertainment) through a like-minded community. For immediate support, we also encourage you to call our hotline (1-888-OK2-MILK) for guidance (with a side of humor). 

Teaming up with Grammy and Emmy award-winning and Oscar-nominated musician, actress, producer, label president, author, and entrepreneur Queen Latifah, Milk has created a comedic announcement to bring awareness to the shaming that dairy drinkers endure and the extent to which milk shaming has permeated through our society. If you drink and love real milk, we want you to stand tall (and you can because of milk’s nutrition profile!).

“If you or someone you know has experienced milk shaming, there are resources available to you at,” says Queen Latifah. 

Shaming or bullying of any kind  is unacceptable. This is why 100% of all proceeds from OK2Milk merchandise (up to $10,000)  will be dedicated to STOMP Out Bullying- an organization dedicated to preventing cyberbullying while educating against homophobia, LGBTQ+ discrimination, racism and hatred. 

For more information, visit or dial 1-888-OK2-Milk. You can also find us at @Ok2Milk on YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok. 

Together we can shut down milk shaming!

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