This year, MilkPEP is delivering milk messaging to resonate with modern families and youth audiences across key campaign categories including gaming, running, modern moms, and recipes.

Partnering with influencers allows MilkPEP to tap into an influencer’s unique ability to create thumb-stopping ad entertainment that spotlights milk in a way that blends into culture. From creating earworm jingles for teens and tweens that tap into the trend of viral sounds, to partnering with running coaches to participate in Team Milk events, to leveraging popular gamers with a love for chocolate milk, the goal is to put milk in places it belongs for each respective audience.

With a reach of over 126.2M+ in Q1 alone, some of the standout insights from MilkPEP’s influencer partnerships include:

Show, don’t tell. We see higher engagement from showing vs. verbalizing the hero product, milk.

Culture = Conversation. We see rich opportunities in driving conversation amongst influencers trending in the cultural landscape.

Act natural. Content that felt organic and in-line with an influencer’s typical content performed far greater than overly branded content, which can be detected as inauthentic by audience members.

Push for originality. Some video formats, like Day in the Life content can feel redundant. We need to inspire through humor and outside the box thinking.

Don’t be afraid of niches. While it might feel safer to work with an influencer partner with a wide variety of interests, those with niche content themes (running, gaming), have incredible CTA results from audiences that rally around a specific interest.

Make it a relationship. Building out longer-term relationships allows for more frequent touchpoints with an audience, generating stronger relationships and storytelling overtime.

Whitelist as a tool for targeting. An influencer posting organically to their channels may feel like casting a wide net, but not a deep one. To target small or specific markets that aren’t organically over-indexing, consider boosting content with paid spend. Want to get started with paid media in your influencer collaborations? This step-by-step guide can be shared with your influencer partners to show them how to set up their account on Instagram or TikTok to enable whitelisting.

Influencer marketing offers brands a powerful opportunity to build trust, engagement, and loyalty with consumers. By embracing authenticity, relevance, and innovation, influencer partnerships can create meaningful connections to keep your brand top of mind. Whether you’re just getting started or already using influencers, leverage the learnings from MilkPEP’s program to optimize your investment. For additional guidance, visit the “Influencers” section on Resource Hub where you’ll find these resources and more: